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Sound Vibration

& Acupressure Energy Treatments

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Our Mission

Our 'hearts & minds' are for the people within our community is where we work & try to help as many people with a wide range of emotional health, mental health, spiritual health & physical health as well as helping other charities, organisations & events who also need our help & support.

We offer a wide range of healing & self healing services that are extremely beneficial in helping people recover from minor to major health issues.

                        Services We Provide

Acupressure & Sound Vibration Energy Treatment

Online Ki Energy Treatments

                 Chanting & Meditation Self Healing Classes 

 Family Healing Programmes

    Health & Educational Classes

"By recognising how we become when we are out of balance, we start to understand how much we need to train our minds through spiritual practise"

Ki Practitioners

Our Ki Services

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Image by Nathan Dumlao

Ki Energy Treatment Services

We use sound & acupressure for the benefit of your health & wellbeing.  We also offer a consultation to help you understand your mind, body & spirit.  This space after your treatment is a good time for you to also ask any questions regarding any health or wellbeing issues you may have

Chanting & Meditation Class

Our 1 hour chanting & meditation classes are held 6 days a week, with 2 classes per day in the morning & evening.  Classes are held on Zoom & are taught by a ki practitioner who will teach you very special & also powerful cosmic sound vibrations that are aimed to open & heal specific energy points in the body. 

Family Healing Programmes

Our family healing programme is a very specific & special family programme where you will honour & show your respect to 4 generations of your ancestor family lines of your mother & father.  We will offer you a consultation to discuss your family history.


Wonderful!  I feel completely at ease & pain free.

Highly Recommend!

Nikki Retigon

I feel much better, something definatley lifted from my chest yesterday & my breathing & recovery time got better.  Ki defintley made a difference.

Peter Hayward

Absolutley amazing!

I'm energised, calm & delighted to have made the connection with Ki.

Paul James

Contact Us

Mobile: (+44) 07592162451


WhatsApp: (+44)07592162451

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