Ki In The Work Place


A Positive Balance at Work Can Make A Happy Environment For All…


Modern living & long working hours can be major factors which contribute to stress.  Often when we face a lot of stress, our bodies react by losing energy, we may constantly feel fatigued and run down. Our immune system weakens and over time we become ill.


What We Offer

Ki Energy Treatment is a natural & powerful way to release stress, pain & fatigue

We use sound & acupressure to treat the whole of the body.  The treatment takes approx 15 mins and is given fully clothed.  Ki Energy treatment is given by a fully qualified Ki Practitioner with over 10 years experience


We will arrange to come to your work place and ask you to provide a quiet room where we can set up a therapy table.   We can arrange a half day visit or full day visit depending on how many people require treatment.

We will provide an introductory talk to staff re: Ki Energy Treatment, offer a consultation after treatment and recommend any follow up care the person may need



Work Place Benefits

* Increased confidence and self esteem

* Increased personal happiness & well being

* Harmonious work place

* Less sick days

* Thinking becomes clear and concentration improved

* Relationships with people improved

* Mental stability improved

* Digestive function normalised

* Help prevent burnout at work

* Release pain & fatigue

* Increased energy levels

* Can be given in lunch hour


A motivated & happy work team can make a huge difference







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