Ki Practitioner

My journey began as a Ki practitioner 19 years ago....  


In 1995 I came to London having left my home town in Leeds where I studied Social Sciences.  After finishing my studies I had decided that I wanted to work within the mental health field as I had a great interest in psychology & how the human mind works in relation to our enviroment.  Within months of moving to London, I found my first job in mental health in a homeless hostel where I cared for a caseload of 25 people who were experiencing mental health issues & related substance abuse.  For 7 years I helped people regain life skills, housing and emotional & mental support.  I would often work shifts & weekends.  Over time my own health began to deteriorate due to stress & tiredness.  Eventually, I became sick & took a long period of time from work to recuperate.  It was through my recuperation that I began to realise a lot about myself & how I had not been taking good care of my own well-being properly.


I've always steered more to the holistic side of medicine & decided to begin my journey using this 'natural path' to heal my health.  I searched & tried many alternative therapies but it was when I found Ki Energy healing that my health & life began to turn around very quickly.  I began having treatments on a regular basis for depression, stress, insomnia, fatigue & digestive problems & within weeks I began to feel revitalised, had more energy & was sleeping much better.  Over time I was able to see much more clearly in which direction I wanted my life to move forward & that it was time to leave my job as mental health worker.  I continued to have ki energy treatments and began to feel strong enough to go back to work for a while until I could decide what to do next.  I learned that in order to help others you have to also look after yourself too and so I decided to follow a much more spiritual path where I could learn to find that balance.


In 2001 I learnt how to give Ki Energy Treatments from South Korean practitioners & began volunteering & working with them to help people recover their health.   In 2006  I made the decision to do 'Master ' training in the method of this South Korean practice & spent 3 months in South Korea where I completed my training as full time ki practitioner.  In November 2007 I moved to Los Angeles, California where I worked & lived for 2 years; helping people with their health with other ki practitioners.  In 2009 I returned to London where I now practise & continue my work today.


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