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Helping You Get Through Difficult Times...

We have been pondering for sometime, how we can help people to find some calm & peace in these uncertain times. We have seen how much Covid 19 has affected so many people in many different ways.  Through our work we have listened & heard very clearly the mental stress, sadness, anxiety, fear, insomnia & physical pain people have been experiencing throughout lockdown.  We want to help you gain coping skills through our meditation practice with the hope you eventually continue independently in your day to day lives.


 We would like to offer you a FREE  1/2 hour meditation class online (Zoom),  Where we will teach you simple techniques of meditation that will help keep your mind & body in balance, reduce stress, aide good sleep & give you calm & peace.

What Is Meditation

Meditation is a set of techniques designed for us to see our 'natural state'.  By observing our mind through meditation we can see ourselves more clearly.  We can notice certain behaviour patterns that may be holding us back in life or giving us ill health.  Every thought we have in our minds has a reaction on our physical body.  If are thoughts are predominately negative, this can affect our health tremendously by causing ill health.  Through practising meditation we can help stabilise our breathing which in turn will help bring peace & calm to the mind & body.

Benefits Of Meditating

*Reduce Stress

*Control worry & anxiety

*Learn to relax

*Quiet the mind

*Reduce blood pressure

*Reduce depression

* Greater understanding of yourself

*Better focus

*Help reduce physical pain

*Learn to develop calm & peace


 Classes Mon - Fri 7pm-7.30pm



To Book A FREE Meditation Class

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