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Ki Energy Treatment Services

During this healing treatment, the Ki practitioner transmits cosmic energy into the body's blocked chakras and meridian lines through touch and the use of the breath. The SSSHHH sound penetrates the blocked energy by combining sound with vibration. Most of the time the Ki is sent to constricted energy points through the hands, however, Ki energy can also be transferred without touching the body. 

Through this technique, energy blockages can be quickly located and opened, leading to the removal of pain, tension and toxins that are often the precursors of disease. Ki Treatment transforms energy patterns by boosting energy levels creating a sense of well-being and renewed vitality. Furthermore, Ki Treatment is scientifically proven to strengthen the immune system which is the most important step in curing any disease or ailment. 

Ki Treatment begins with you lying on your back. The Ki practitioner will check your energy circulation by resting their hands on your abdomen. They will then begin to open the energy pathways by working on pressure points on your abdomen, arms, legs, neck, shoulders and head. At the same time, they will emit a SSSHHH sound that magnifies the energy being emitted into your body. When the Ki practitioner has finished with the front side, you will then turn over so that points on your back, shoulders, arms and legs can be stimulated. Finally you will sit up while the master loosens the tension in your shoulders and neck. A Ki Energy Treatment takes 15-20 minutes and the results are normally felt instantly. The Ki practitioner gives a full consultation after treatment. 

We are open 10am - 6pm

Monday - Saturday

To book an appointment, please contact us on

Mobile: (+44) 07592162451


Ki Energy Treatment Price & Plans

Ki Energy Treatment

(Full Body)



Ki Energy Treatment (Online)

(Full body)



Ki Energy Treatment Via Phone

(Full body)


Ki Energy treatment Package

Buy 5x Full Body Ki Energy Treatments & have a 6th treatment FREE  £250.00

Ki Home Visit                         £70.00     

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Gift Vouchers 

Are available for our online treatments & home visits. 

Call: Mobile 07592162451


+44 07592162451


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