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Our Story

Ki practitioners are committed to serving & helping the whole of humanity through their work using vital energy (Ki). By using a South Korean method known as Chunsoo ( Ki Energy Treatment). We use sound & acupressure to help release stress, pain, fatigue in the human body & all living creatures. We trained intensively in South Korea, learning how the spiritual, mental & emotional imbalances we experience in our day to day lives can effect our health & wellbeing.  Through understanding how the 'mind, spirit & body are connected, we begin to understand how energy is  crucial to all life & how much nature balances this.

 Understanding how two opposing polarities (yin & yang) become 'one', we then understand who we really are & what we need to do not only to help ourselves but other human beings too.  The human body is made up of five important elements: fire, water, wood, metal, earth energy which when out balance & alignment make us unwell & may also create disease in our body.   By recognising how we become when we are out of balance, we start to understand how much we need to train our minds through spiritual practise i.e chanting special cosmic sound vibrations, meditation practise daily, taking care of our diet, proper exercise & inner happiness.

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Ki Energy Treatment

During this healing treatment, the Ki practitioner transmits cosmic energy into the body's blocked chakras and meridian lines through touch and the use of the breath. The SSSHHH sound penetrates the blocked energy by combining sound with vibration. Most of the time the Ki is sent to constricted energy points through the hands, however, Ki energy can also be transferred without touching the body. 

Through this technique, energy blockages can be quickly located and opened, leading to the removal of pain, tension and toxins that are often the precursors of disease. Ki Treatment transforms energy patterns by boosting energy levels creating a sense of well-being and renewed vitality. Furthermore, Ki Treatment is scientifically proven to strengthen the immune system which is the most important step in curing any disease or ailment. 

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