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Family Healing Programmes

Our family healing programme is a very specific & special family programme where you will honour & show your respect to 4 generations of your ancestor family lines of your mother & father.  We will offer you a consultation to discuss your family history.

Energy is eternal and it is passed on from generation to generation. If our ancestors have died from disease or other unnatural death, our energy system, which is the first thing formed at conception, will carry the blueprint of our ancestors’ lives, not just physically but also mentally. Over the period of a lifetime, we may develop the same or similar physical and mental conditions as our ancestors.

In order to regain full health we need to heal the energy of our ancestors because they are our foundation -- the very roots of our being, and unless we repair the foundation, it is like pouring water into a vessel which has a hole in it. It is also our filial duty to help our ancestors free themselves from their sorrow and live peaceful lives in the spirit world. Although they no longer have a physical body, they still have the mind they had in this world, and carry the memories and feelings as well as the diseases that afflicted them.

Family  Healing is the eastern art of healing traditionally used to release inherited energy patterns (karma) from ancestors that affect the descendant's mental, emotional and spirituail balance. This healing method helps you understand the "DNA" link between you (the descendant) and your ancestors. The "DNA" link translates how we process ourselves like our ancestors in the way we think, feel and act. 

The eastern concept of inherited negative patterns (karma) is scientifically known as genetic disease. Without awareness of these inherited negative patterns thru adulthood may lead to the (genetic) diseased state, i.e.: high blood pressure, heart disease, cancer, diabetes, mental illness, etc. 

The Taoist wisdom "the way" helps us understand how "family karma" passed on for generations can be deeply reversed or released by simply healing our ancestors. 

A mind of deep gratitude to our ancestors achieves profound healing for both ancestors and descendants by releasing all negative karma of the past, and renewing the Karma for future generations to come. Finally, the descendant is free to pursue and master the true purpose of his or her life. 

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