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Understanding Back Pain

When we experience back pain, this can be the result of blockages in our abdomen & digestive system. It can also be the result of low kidney energy or low liver energy & build up of toxins. However, this can be due to our own emotional energy effecting our abdomen area & ancestral blocks passed down from generations of family ill health.


  1. Having a ki energy treatment (chunsoo) can help to release energy pathways connecting our abdomen area & back energy pathways.

  2. Managing our negative emotional responses through spiritual practise of chanting & meditation can support this balance in our mind & body.

  3. Eating healthy food & taking time to digest our food well can also support our internal organs which are also connected to the back energy channels.

  4. Chanting & meditation classes can help to release blocked energy pathways in our emotional, mental & physical energy pathways.

  5. Sometimes our family energy patterns can have an influence on our health emotionally, mentally, physically & spiritually. Our ancestor healing programme can help to purify & release these blockages.

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